Taking the Long Road

Midlife: Moving from Somebody to Nobody

Midlife men, I’d mentioned awhile back that I had been reading a book on growing older. It contains relatively short chapters on topics such as regret, fear, joy, relationships, and such, over 30 different topics. A chapter on ‘meaning’ touched a nerve recently. It seemed particularly relevant to me and captures what I think is a key question . . .

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December 06, 2015

Not Every Man Really Lives

I find myself thinking more and more about what kind of life I want to be living. Perhaps it is due to my age and the speed by which the years continue to fly by. It seems like I’m only living about one out of every three years that go by on the calendar.

I often find myself referencing an event as happening a year or two ago that . . .

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October 18, 2015

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